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OCYS - Arcadia Park All Fields
OCYS - Central Winds Park All Fields
OCYS - Econ Soccer Complex All Fields
OCYS - Seminole Soccer Complex All Fields
OCYS- Sylvan Lake Park All Fields
OCYS-Red Bug Lake Park All Fields
OCYS - Field Status Notification System

In an effort to improve our ability to communicate field status changes more effectively, we have setup a text message and email notification service which will help us get the word out to you as quickly as possible.  Here’s how the system works.  

Once we receive a field status change a message will be submitted to the service on a per field basis.  The system will then notify each member, who has opted to receive messages about that particular field, via text or email depending on which method the member has chosen.  As a member you can choose to receive notifications from more than one location.  Please note that standard text message fee’s apply based on your individual plan.
Current Field Status:


Orlando City Youth Soccer practices, games, and events are held at several facilities throughout Central Florida.

OCYS controls the Seminole Soccer Complex, and our main offices are housed on property.  For information on our other fields, select a complex below.

Orlando City
Arnold Palmer Hospital
Legoland Florida