Finding a program that is right for your child is as easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1: Determine the Appropriate Program

Below are the differences between the Academy and the Recreational programs as OCYS:


Academy Program


Recreational Program

Program emphasis on development

Program emphasis on fun
Paid, licensed coach Volunteer coach
Professional-style uniform package Standard uniforms
League variety: Local, Regional, State, National Local league only
Tournament variety: Local, Regional, State, National Local tournaments only
Players selected for teams through tryout/ID process Players placed on teams based on availability
Opportunity for movement on teams within age group Players stay on assigned teams throughout the season
20% Discount for Orlando City season tickets 20% Discount for Orlando City season tickets
Price Range:  $450-$1,500 Annually (based on age and level) Price Range: $230-$340 Annually (depending on league; based on a two-season year)



Step 2: Determine the Appropriate Age Group


To find out which age group your child falls into for the 2014-2015 FYSA season, review the chart below. This applies for Junior and Senior Academies as well as the Recreational program.


Year Jan-Jul Aug-Dec
1995 N/A U19
1996 U19 U18
1997 U18 U17
1998 U17 U16
1999 U16 U15
2000 U15 U14
2001 U14 U13
2002 U13 U12
2003 U12 U11
2004 U11 U10
2005 U10 U9
2006 U9 U8
2007 U8 U7
2008 U7 U6
2009 U6 U5
2010 U5 U4*


*A player must have attained his/her fourth (4th) birthday prior to Aug. 1st, or attain his/her 4th birthday prior to participation in a sanctioned program, to be eligible to register.

The only exception, is as follows below for the U.S. Soccer Development Academy:

U17/U18s: Players born on or after 1/1/1996
U15/U16s: Players born on or after 1/1/1998




Step 3:  Register or Inquire About Joining a Team

Orlando City Youth Soccer is currently registering for the 2014/2015 season.  For information regarding the Academy or the Recreational programs, please contact the appropriate director (indicated by age/gender).

U5-U8 Academy U9-U11 Academy U12-U18 Academy U5-U18 Recreational

Contact Info:

Boys/Girls: Anton Faith







Contact Info:

U9-U11 Boys: Stephen Harrison

U9-U11 Girls: Dan Tidmarsh






Contact Info:

U12-U18 Boys: Paul Shaw

U12-U18 Girls: Alan Hough






Contact Info:

Patti Henderson









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