Feature on Mir Moghaddam

OCYS coach Mir Moghaddam recently decided to step down from his coaching positions to focus more on the technical aspects of the game. Moghaddam, known for his ability to develop technical and skilled players, will serve as the youth club's Skills Trainer & Technical Coordinator for certain age groups. Orlandocitysoccer.com caught up with Moghaddam to take an exclusive look at his decision and his new role with the organization.

What led to your decision to step down from your coaching positions at OCYS?

"I have a full time auto repair business and I get very busy at work by the time I need to leave to get to soccer practice. I would also like to attend my childrens' games as a dad and not as a coach. I also want to help all young players at OCYS succeed in the technical aspects of the game!"

What is your new position with OCYS?

"I will be a Skills Trainer & Technical Coordinator working with U8 through U14 age groups. OCYS was able to define a role and a schedule to fit into my strengths as a coach and a trainer."

How long have you been involved with soccer as a coach? As a player?

"I've been coaching since 1983, I started as an assistant coach at for the girls' team at Lake Brantley High Scchool. I started playing at three years old in the streets of Iran."

Plan to return to coaching in the future?

"Yes eventually when the parents get the full concept of a professionally integrated club structure from professional to youth. What we are doing at Orlando CIty has never been done before in Florida with success. We are making the right decisions to grow the game and improve the kids. Our jobs can become very stressful. I'll return once the parents fully understand our culture, vision, and mission. I know I will miss it but at the same time I'm going to enjoy working with many different kids in the club."

What do you hope to accomplish with your new position?

"The best players in the world are not tactical players but incredible technical players with a high soccer IQ, which is why I am asking to help all of the youngster on what I know best- teaching the game that I love the most!"

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